restored LST 325

A restore WWII ship left the channel in Lake Barkley Monday and is still stuck in shallow water on a submerged mud bank. Other river vessels have been brought in to help free the ship which is shown in the photo above.

LST stuck in Lake Barkley

(Filed 4:45 p.m. CDST) BUZZARD ROCK- The USS LST 325 is still stuck in a muddy shallow section of Lake Barkley about a mile out in the lake from shore. The WWII vessel was moving down stream Monday toward Barkley Dam on the way to its home port of Evansville, IN when it left the main channel and slide onto a submerged mud flat.

The ship had been on a tour to Nashville and Clarksville, TN and was scheduled to arrive in Evansville on October 2, 2012.

The 310 foot long LST (Landing Ship Tank) was used in WWII and was secured for restoration in 2000. It was sailed from Greece across the Atlantic for restoration in Evansville. During WWII Evansville’s ship yard was where LSTs were constructed for the U.S. war effort.

The USS LST 325 was originally known as LST-325 during the Second World War, USNS LST-325 during its arctic operations in the 1950's, and later L-144 (A/G Syros) while it was in the service of the Greek Navy. It was acquired by The USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc., in 2000. After it was purchase the ship was sailed by a crew of WWII LST veterans 6,500 miles from the Greek island of Crete to Mobile, Alabama.

The crew of the LST remains on board the ship.