Sandra Wright

1.  What role do you believe the City of Calvert should play in reversing the population decline of Calvert City?


There are many reasons population might decline in an area.  As a Realtor, I think one of the problems we have in Calvert City is a lack of housing attractive to a younger population.  I think it is important to address the issue of new home construction and the lack of multi-family, ie: apartment buildings etc. development.  Having been a part of the Planning and Zoning commission for several years, I can tell you this has been a matter of concern, much discussion and planning.  The city needs to consider how to appeal to contractors to do more residential development in our area and I would like to be a part of that discussion.  Of course the bringing in of new business whether that be the service industry, retail or industrial, is also another important factor that would increase a desire to live in our city.

2.  There are several vacant buildings in Calvert City. In what way would you, as a member of the City Council work toward bringing in new non-industrial businesses such as restaurants, merchandising firms and service providers to Calvert City?


I believe the city should come up with an incentive package to offer businesses who show interest in our area.  In addition I think they should spend time on a regular basis investigating and soliciting business to locate in the city limits.  The city should look at the requirements for all facets of regulation business has to contend with in deciding to come to our area, ie: site plans, applications, permits, etc.   It is important that the leadership makes sure that Calvert City is business friendly and doesn’t make it so difficult that business doesn’t want to look at us as a potential site for development.

3.  What are the key issues you would chose to focus on during the next two years if you are elected or re-elected to the Calvert City Council?


While two years is not really enough time to accomplish everything I would like to see happen in the city, the first two questions address the very reasons I would like to be a part of the council.  I am a fiscal conservative that feels the tax payer dollars belong to the citizens, and should be spent in a way to facilitate a better life for those citizens.  While I believe that our city leaders have done a wonderful job in so many ways to make Calvert City a warm and beautiful place to live and raise our children, I think there are issues that need to be addressed more aggressively, two of which are the previous questions.  I feel as a Realtor and a 34 year resident of Calvert City, I will bring much to the table on both of these issues.