Charges filed in Old Park Stabbing

(October 17, 2012) CALVERT CITY- Two people have been charged with assault after a Benton man was stabbed in the back in Calvert City’s Old Park about 5:30 last Sunday afternoon. Kachelle L. Ford, of Jim Wilson Loop, Ledbetter and Donald G. Thorn, 824 Thorn Road in Gilbertsville have each been charge with 1st Degree Assault for stabbing Darrell Mitchell Duckett, of 6915 US 68, Benton in the back.

According to a police report released today by the Calvert City Police Department there was an altercation between the three and one of the individuals charged stabbed Duckett. Duckett was the only person at the scene when Calvert City police arrived in the park and he was transported to Lourdes Hospital.

Calvert City Police sought a warrant for Ford and Thorn and both of them turned themselves in to law enforcement officials on Monday.