Lisa Sills

My name is Lisa Sills and after several years of consideration and community involvement, it is time for me to step forward and offer myself as a voice for the people of Calvert City.  I would like the opportunity to serve my community as a member of our City Council.  I have served on the City Parks & Recreation Board for 5 years.  I have attended City Council meetings regularly.  I work here in town as the Secretary and Bookkeeper of Calvert City Elementary School.  Two of my three children have graduated from Calvert City Elementary School and my youngest is currently attending.  My husband and I plan to retire here and we hope that our children will find that it is a place they will want to come back to as they grow older.  In order for that to happen, there will have to be housing, jobs, and recreation opportunities.

First, let me say that I am a big proponent of the committee system.  Calvert City already has in place a wealth of resources and talents assembled in our commissions, committees, and boards.  These volunteers invest their time and knowledge into making our community a better place.  As a council member I would encourage the council to empower these resources to facilitate effective productivity.

I know the Planning Commission will be updating the 5 year comprehensive plan for Calvert City soon.  One subject they are addressing is the need for more starter homes and rental property in our community to promote and encourage young families. With the growth of our population, the neighborhood businesses will follow.  The Planning Commission is also working on ways to make our city attractive for new businesses.  I would encourage continued efforts to attract additional businesses to the I-24 interchange with the understanding that activity breeds activity.  We may have empty buildings in our community and I would love to see them filled with businesses, but we as a city would be doing everyone involved a disservice if we encouraged business to fill these spaces without there being adequate community to support them.  I would like to see the leadership of our city to take the opportunity to involve the citizens of Calvert City in the development of a vision for our future through the Comprehensive Plan.  With a well-developed comprehensive plan it should be the guide to growth for our city and followed closely by both the Planning Commission and the City Council.

We are blessed with a wonderful parks system.  Calvert City has more than twice the national average of park acreage.  Major improvements are continuing to make our parks better and are adding additional recreation opportunities.  I think efforts to share these improvements and promote our city to its own would be beneficial.  Our community members need to know of the richness of our community.  When we are excited about our own community, others will be too.

In my position at the elementary school, I am made aware everyday of many of the needs of the people of Calvert City.  Some of these needs are centered on parks, streets, and business; however, many are not.  I am eager to work with the people of Calvert City to address their most pressing needs, as well as address the needs to attract others to our city.  I hope that the citizens of Calvert City will allow me, Lisa Sills, the opportunity to serve them as a member of the City Council.