Larry Whitt

1.  What role do you believe the City of Calvert should play in reversing the population decline of Calvert City?

They should play a major role in increasing population. First, why has population decreased? How do we come up with a plan to remedy this problem? I feel if elected to city council we are public servants to all of our Calvert City citizens. We should involve those interested citizens in helping us solve this problem by having town hall meetings, Email suggestions, citizens committees, etc. Then as a council take those suggestions along with any we may have and implement a long term solution.


2.  There are several vacant buildings in Calvert City. In what way would you, as a member of the City Council work toward bringing in new non-industrial businesses such as restaurants, merchandising firms and service providers to Calvert City?

First we need to assess what we need. Bringing in a business that is not needed or will not be supported is asking for a failure. Then work with our property owners, real estate agents and our media to devise a plan to market Calvert City. We should also use our relationships with local, county and state governement to take advantage of any and all incentives that are available. I think there are many programs out there that we are not currently taking advantage of because we don’t ask for help. Business owners should want to locate in Calvert City.


3.  What are the key issues you would chose to focus on during the next two years if you are elected or re-elected to the Calvert City Council?

New business, maintaining existing business, city beautification and marketing all that Calvert City has to offer. Also including Calvert City residents in the process of making some of these issues become a reality. Calvert City belongs to all our residents and we want everyone to be proud of our community.