Kevin Stokes

1.  What role do you believe the City of Calvert should play in reversing the population decline of Calvert City?


As a City Council Member I will continue working with the PADD Office to establish grants to help improve Calvert City housing opportunities.


2.  There are several vacant buildings in Calvert City. In what way would you, as a member of the City Council work toward bringing in new non-industrial businesses such as restaurants, merchandising firms and service providers to Calvert City?


The City Council and I would work together to bring in a marketing firm to help promote the non-industrial businesses in Calvert City.


3.  What are the key issues you would chose to focus on during the next two years if you are elected or re-elected to the Calvert City Council?


One of the key issues I would focus on as a City Council Member would be to work with the Calvert City Water Board to help develop a Waste Water Treatment Facility in Calvert City.  This Treatment Facility would bring stability to our current industrial complex and would bring in more job opportunities as well as more revenue for Calvert City.  Another key factor that I want to focus my attention as a City Council Member is to keep trying to lower Calvert City taxes as the Council has done for the past two years.