R. Daryl Smith

1.  What role do you believe the City of Calvert should play in reversing the population decline of Calvert City?


City officials are no different than state or federal officials. Our responsibility is to reflect the will of the people who vote us into office.

Our responsibility is to take the tax dollars that are entrusted to us and to commit them to better roads, sidewalks, parks, lighting, sewers, sanitation and all the elements that go into making a city where people want to live and raise their children.
Our current needs in the city are more housing for individuals who choose to live and work in Calvert City. It’s difficult to get businesses to consider locating here if we lack adequate housing for the owners or their employees. Our populations decline has been the result of inadequate housing and perhaps the loss of small businesses in the city.

2.  There are several vacant buildings in Calvert City. In what way would you, as a member of the City Council work toward bringing in new non-industrial businesses such as restaurants, merchandising firms and service providers to Calvert City?


The city has in place methods to address abandoned or vacant buildings, such buildings if the owners choose not to restore them or bring them back to a viable condition that other businesses can use, then they are responsible for the exterior and any potential hazards created from the disrepair and lack of use. The city encourages the use of existing structures but we are also open to individuals who want to open new businesses in new locations.


3.  What are the key issues you would chose to focus on during the next two years if you are elected or re-elected to the Calvert City Council?


“Without a vision the people perish!” as applicable today as when it was written. The City Council and all elected officials have as their unspoken charge to facilitate growth through quality of living issues (parks, sidewalks, lighting, etc.) and to have long-term methods in place (ordinances) to enhance our city’s position as we compete for the growth of new businesses, industry and residents.

I appreciate the support of the citizens of Calvert City and look forward to continuing our city’s development if you choose to allow me to continue being your elected official.