Paducah pair arrested on meth charges at Calvert truck stop

(Filed November 6, 2013)blair

Jeremy L. Blair, age 37, and Crystal M. Cummins, age 30, both of 350 Herman Ave., Paducah, KY., were arrested on November 5, 2013 after a complaint of possible shoplifters in Loves Truck Stop in Calvert City.


cumminsAt approximately 2:46 p.m. Calvert City Police Officer Jeff Peck and Marshall County Deputy Tim Reynolds were at Loves Truck Stop when the store manager approached the officers and stated that they believed they had shoplifters in the store.


The manager  reported that a male and female had come into the store approximately an hour and a half earlier, walked around the store and repeatedly picked items up and carried them around. The female would then purchase an item then carry it to her vehicle, then return inside the store. Officers were able to observe the suspects from the manager’s office.


Officers waited for the suspects to exit the store and then approached them at their vehicle. They were advised of the concerns of the store manager and the suspicious activity.


Both subjects were Mirandize and both suspects acknowledged that they understood. Both subjects stated that the officers could search their vehicle. Upon search of the vehicle, the officer noticed the female was showing what appeared to be signs of meth use. After questioning the female about recent meth use, she stated she had used within the last four hours. Subject then stated there was a product in her fanny pack inside the car. A Tylenol tube was located inside a baggy containing what she identified as meth. Also inside the vehicle was a container of Draino which subject agreed was going to be used to cook meth.


After questioning the male subject he stated the meth was his. After further investigation, a large black bag containing what appeared to be the necessary items to cook methamphetamine. The female stated they were on their way to Buzzard Rock to meet a subject to complete another cook. Other items including prescription narcotics were found.


Both suspects, Jeremy L. Blair and Crystal M. Cummins, were arrested and charged with:
*Manufacturing Methamphetamine 1st Offense
*Possession of Controlled Substance 1st
*Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd Degree
*Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree
*Prescription Controlled Substance not in proper container.