Plant the Town

with FREE flower seed from The Lake News

By Teri Ford
(Filed May 29, 2013) Calvert City- Summertime brings warm weather, sunshine, and the promise of things to grow. My family and friends know that as soon as the soil warms, my priorities change and I’ll be digging in the dirt. Some of the best people I’ve ever known were gardeners, through the years I’ve watched and learned from them. I’ve been given countless plants and infinite tips on how to make them grow well. Gardening has become a passion for me, as I dig in the dirt and care for each plant I realize the real lessons I have learned from these gardeners. Each one of them cared not only for their plants but also for their fellow man.

Recently, my husband and I traveled from our beautiful lakes area to Iowa and then on to South Dakota. In Orange City, Iowa we attended the annual Tulip Festival. An extended winter had prevented the lovely tulip gardens from being in full bloom but it hadn’t wilted the community pride or desire to share their heritage and hospitality with the thousands of visitors who had come for the festivities. The passion each of the Dutch residents in this community showed, doing his part making sure the travelers felt welcome and were comfortable, made the festival successful and the tulip buds as beautiful as any I’d ever seen.

After touring The N’West Iowa Review in Sheldon, Iowa, driving around many small towns for ideas and visiting with our son, in Miller, South Dakota we made the return trip home, this time going through Nebraska.  We watched wildlife and looked at landforms to entertain ourselves on the long drive home. Our discussion often turned to what made us feel welcome in the small towns along our route. For me the answer was always the neat yards and flower beds. But the closer we came to Calvert City, the more I felt like Dorothy and I knew, “There’s no place like home.”  Calvert City and the lakes area is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. We should celebrate this beauty and make it a travel destination where our residents and our tourists feel our passion for caring for our land and our people.

This summer The Lake News staff invites you to “Plant the Town” with FREE summer flower seeds. We have chosen two annual flowers with showy blooms that are easy to grow. Come by The Lake News office today and pick up your seeds. Choose a visible, sunny location in the lakes area and Plant the Town.

This would be a great project to do as a family or with any community group of which you may be a part. Each week gardening tips and pictures will be in the newspaper, on Facebook and on our web site The Lake along with a weekly challenge. Weekly challenge prizes will be given each week during June and July. Three grand prize winners will be announced later in the summer.