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Site preparation began, photo above, on the new Dollar General Store in Calvert City last week. The firm plans to build a 7200 square foot building at the location.

New larger Dollar General Store comes to Calvert City

Dollar General on 5th Avenue in Calvert City is moving locations.

The new site on Main Street is still undergoing preparation for construction, but Jaclyn Dees, communications specialist with Dollar General Corp. headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn., said that construction of the new store might be done by fall.

“The actual opening of the new location will depend on the amount of time it takes to build,” she said. “It could be done by the end of summer, but it depends on the weather.”
Dees said the store would be Dollar General’s traditional size of approximately 7,200 square feet.

“All the employees at the current location will transfer over to the new location,” she said.
In 1955, when the first Dollar General store opened in Springfield, Tenn., the owners focused on selling their products for no more than one dollar.

When asked why a change of venue was necessary for the Calvert City Dollar General, Dees said feedback from the Calvert City store indicated the space the store was currently located in was not suiting all of its needs.
“We’re always evaluating what our customers need,” she said. “The new location will be able to offer all of the same products, maybe more, but it will be a nicer store.”

She said meeting customers’ needs is a top priority of Dollar General and when choosing a store’s location, an important factor, she said was choosing a location that could provide customers ease of access.

Other factors included demographic trends, local competitors and traffic patterns.
Dollar General has more than 10,000 stores in 40 states, 393 of which are in Kentucky alone.
According to the company’s website, “Our thousands of stores give us the buying power to keep our every day prices low.”