KLMS gets permit to race

(Filed March 6, 2014) Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway General Manager Tommy House said today after Marshall County Fiscal Court approved an entertainment permit for the track that they hoped to have a National Dirt Track Racing League (NDRL) race the last week of March. He said everything at the track was now hinging on the weather.


He said the immediate problems at the track was getting all the rocks out of the dirt on the track and they couldn't work on that until they had drier weather.


House said they have not set a schedule for the season due to the weather.He said everything else at the track was ready but getting the 70 wide 3/8 mile long track would take some time because of its size.


House said the people of the area had been very good to them and they were excited to get the track open. He said he had many people to approach him and tell him they were so glad to see the track finally re-open.


According to House there has been quite a bit of interest in the track getting open from people from across most of the central U.S. He said he had been contacted by people from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. He said just recently a man had rented a suite at the track for his party of 40 people who would be coming nine motor homes.


During the fiscal court meeting today House got support from Commissioner Misty Drew to have an operating time that will last to 11:30. However, Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller, who made the actual decision to set the operating time of the track from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, said that he did not want racing to continue as much as one minute after 11:30.


House said they were doing everything to make sure they stayed inside the time constraints. He said thaty was why they had chosen to only have four races during race days.


House also said that he wanted Saturday nights because he didn't want to create a conflict with Paducah International Raceway. The Paducah track shut down last summer mid-way through the season but House said he had conflicting reports about whether or not they would be open this year so he just asked for Saturday night.


Dr. Gary Smith asked the court to set the closing time for racing at 10 p.m. Drew told Smith that the survey she had run with Calvert City people showed responses from more than 70 people who thought as late 12 midnight would be acceptible. She told Smith that since House was asking for only one night instead of two the 11:30 time was a good compromise.


Dr. Smith disagreed with the 11:30 time and told the court if they went past 11:30 he would file and injunction against the track. He also asked about dust and odor regulations and Judge Miller said those matters were for another court.