Christian Fellowship at helping hands

Last week 13 students from Christian Fellowship School worked at Livingston County Helping Hands they are, in the photo above, left to right, front row:  Hyewon Cho, Jessica Blakely, Annie Waters, Rachel McCrea, Julie Revell, Lydia Powell, and Faith Haley. Students in the back row include from left to right:  Phillip Hummel, Jerod Warren, John Robert Ward, Elijah Hodge, Matthew Lewis, and Dillion Lofton.

CFS students serve at Livingston Helping Hands

(Filed March 26, 2013) After several weeks of planning, students from Christian Fellowship School in Marshall County, Kentucky went out into the community to serve others on Friday, March 22.  Students from the elementary through the high school served at many different locations throughout the month of March.  One of the agencies that was fortunate enough to have the help of CFS students was Helping Hands in Livingston County.

Thirteen 10th grade students, along with their teacher, Paulette Buckingham and 3 parent volunteers descended upon Helping Hands early Friday morning and made quick work of several tasks.  Darlene Timmons, Helping Hands Director, assigned tasks to the students and coordinated the work for the day.  Work accomplished with the 10th graders’ help included;  sorting, organizing, and labeling a garage full of yard sale items, unloading a food truck, bagging bulk food items, sorting and stacking canned goods, sorting and boxing personal care items, stocking shelves, and loading food into a walk in freezer.

This event was the culmination of weeks of planning.  Paulette Buckingham, the 10th grade homeroom teacher at CFS reported that the students discussed at length what they hoped to accomplish, and considered many different service opportunities before settling on Helping Hands.

All grades, Pre-school through seniors in high school are involved in the Serve a Thon.   It is an annual event that has become a much anticipated day.  Students  in the various classrooms discuss different options in serving, decide to which group they will render their service, and then contact the organization and make the arrangements for their day of service.

“One of the best things to come out of our annual Serve a Thon, is that our students get to experience first-hand how good it feels to give, to help, to be of assistance to someone they may not have known before”, said Debbie Lewis, event coordinator.  “We have done this for a number of years now and several of our teachers and students have made lasting relationships and connections with the organizations and groups that they serve.”

The sophomore class thoroughly enjoyed their day at Helping Hands.  They were able to see the good work that Helping Hands does within the community and were glad to help them on their day of service.

Christian Fellowship School is a K-4 through 12th grade school near Benton in Marshall County Kentucky.  Established in 1984, CFS will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.  For more information about CFS, visit