Amateur Radio Field Day to be held June 22 - June 23

Marshall County Amateur Radio Association will participate in the Annual Field Day event beginning 1 p.m. Saturday, 22 June at Mike Miller Park.

Field Day presents an opportunity for amateur radio operators to test their capabilities.  Marshall County operators have been participating in the event for the last 32 years.

Designed as a competition Field Day activities are categorized, with each category having an assigned point system.  Teams receive “extra” points for specialized activities such as:  utilization of alternate energy source, operating under “Emergency” status (such as our team does), variety of contacts, variety of methods, as well as visits from elected officials and media contacts.

If you are considering becoming a HAM operator but would like to “test the water” first – this event is an excellent opportunity to do so.  Operations will run Saturday, 22 June from 1 p.m. to Sunday, 23 June 1 p.m. at Mike Miller Park; across from the large pavilion.  Do not miss this opportunity to visit the operation, see the communicators in action, and perhaps even try your hand at talking to someone in another part of the country!  You are hereby invited and we most certainly hope to see you there!


This year the group will offer a participant award to the first six (6) un-licensed operators that make two contacts, a participant award to the first elected official and media contact to sign the event roster, and to all who visit a chance to win a Midland Weather Radio.