It is not too late to plant your seeds

By Teri Ford
(Filed June 5, 2013) Calvert City- The zinnia seeds have arrived for our Plant the Town program.  We invite you to stop by The Lake News office today and pick up your free zinnia and sunflower seeds. It is not too late to plant your seeds, join us today as we Plant the Town.

Sunflowers and Zinnias were chosen as the flowers for the Plant the Town program because they are both easy to grow and disease resistant as well as they both attract butterflies and birds.  I also selected them because they were raised by special people in my life. From my early childhood memories I still visualize a fence row of giant sunflowers my grandfather planted in the side of his backyard. I remember him explaining to everyone he saw how he had planted them for his birds.

My love for zinnias was established by a well-known Calvert City gardener, the late Mr. C.E. Bull. It was my good fortune to live next door to Papa Bull for twenty-one years. He always grew enough vegetables for at least half of Calvert City while the first two rows of his garden were always iris and zinnias for his wife, Mrs. Jesse. Everything he grew he shared with our family as well as with anyone he knew.  Almost every summer evening as our families would visit in the back yards Papa Bull would tell me to be sure to pick a bouquet of those Old Maids, referring to his beautiful zinnias.  For these reasons I believe sunflowers and zinnias are the perfect flowers for our town.

Sunflower facts:
Did you know honey bees are attracted to sunflowers? We need to build and provide habitats to bring honey bees back to our area.  Plant your sunflowers today.

Zinnia Facts
Zinnia’s originated in Mexico, but the original dull purple plants were considered a weedy wildflower and were called “eyesore”. Botanists worked for years to cultivate a beautiful flower from the seeds. By the eighteenth century these showy blooms were seen in many Victorian gardens.
Today the seeds produce plants with blooms in almost every color ranging from six inches to four feet tall and from one to seven inches in diameter.
Zinnias attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Weekly challenge:
2nd Week - Zinnias are great container or garden plants.  Plan and create a unique zinnia container or garden.  Contact Teri Ford at and send a picture of your creative design. If you do not have camera or internet access telephone 270-395-5858  and we will make arrangements to visit your garden.  This weekly challenge will last from Wednesday, June 5 until Wednesday, June 12. Our office staff will select the most creative design to award our second weekly challenge prize. (We know your garden will be minus plants at this point.)

Due to the stormy and wet weather last week the 1st weekly challenge is extended. Email as soon as your first sprouts appear.

Be the first person to email Teri Ford at  when your first sunflower and zinnia sprouts emerge in your garden to win a weekly gardening prize. Each time you email an entry to our weekly challenge your name will be entered in a drawing to win (Only email each weekly challenge 1 time).