New Marshall school lunches get thumbs down

(Filed July 19, 2013) Draffenville- School lunches are apparently getting a big thumbs down by Marshall County school district students. In her treasurer’s report last night to the Marshall County School Board the school district treasurer Jill Morris said the school lunch program’s funding balance was dangerously low and would just cover payroll to start school.

Morris said there was just over $32,000 in the fund and prior to this year the account would normally have a fund balance of over $100,000. She said participation in the school lunch program was down and the new guidelines on food for school lunches were apparently the reason.

Federal guidelines adopted last year set new requirements on foods sold in school lunch rooms foods must meet a range of calorie and nutrient requirements which determines which foods or combination of foods can be offered in school lunch programs. Those choices apparently aren’t meeting consumer expectations.

Morris said that Food Services Director Beth Cunningham was working to bring new offerings to Marshall County school lunches which hopefully will build participation in school lunches.

Another federal program for two Marshall County Schools is likely to build lunch participation at both South and Jonathan Elementary Schools. Both breakfast and lunch will be free to all students at those two schools beginning this fall under a new federal program. Morris said she hoped that re-imbursement for meals at those two schools would help the school lunch fund balance increase.