Rose home on Beech Street

The Rose home on Beech Street in Calvert City is outlined in flower gardens created by Rita and Troy Rose. The home is surrounded by lovely flower gardens.

Rose home is a Beech Street garden spot

By Teri Ford

Moving back to her childhood home, Rita Rose has transformed the lawn of the house on Beech Street in Calvert City into a peaceful garden spot. After living away for several years, Rita decided to move back to Calvert City after her parents, Jean and Buford McLemore, had passed away.

Rita explained that when she and her sister, Ann Beth, were faced with the decision of what they should do with their homeplace she decided she would like to move back and live in the home instead of selling it. Rose emphasized that living in the home, “means a lot to me because it is where I grew up.” She also stressed that although her mom wasn’t a gardener, when she is working in her gardens she feels like her mom had a hand in her restoring the yard.

Rita hasn’t worked alone in creating the lovely gardens throughout the yard.  Her husband, Troy Rose, and her son, Travis Hicks, also enjoy working with Rita in the yard of their new home.  Using the original bricks left from when the house was built, Troy has created and built flower beds edged with the bricks as well as a fire pit and grill.

Explaining that when they first realized they had old bricks to use Rita grinned, “We thought there were possibly two hundred bricks we could use to edge the flower beds but as Troy cleared and worked in the yard he found more bricks that had been covered with time, which led to more gardens and the fire pit.” They have had to redo their designs a few times and the overall creation has taken about two years.

The front yard of the home offers a special feeling of cheerfulness and pride. A very neat and tidy annual bed of impatiens and verbenas along with a bunny bird feeder and several bunny statues circle a maple tree beside the driveway.

A  large American flag  waving in a gentle summer breeze directs your attention toward the front of the house were Rita sits in a comfortable  wicker chair surrounded by her front flower garden. Gerber daisies and other potted plants frame the steps to the front porch. Adding to the charm of the front gardens are a gazing ball, large decorative butterflies, hummingbird feeders and a bird bath.

Following the curved design led by the brick flower bed edges, attention is drawn to the long, narrow hosta bed that extends down the side of the house.  This bed is special to Rita as it was started from one hosta she gave to her mother many years ago. She has divided and transplanted the plant several times and now it fills most of the bed.

The back end of the bed is filled with lilies and hens and chicks as well as other succulents. Between the hostas and the lilies, Travis shows a vine being trained to grow on a trellis that will add height to the bed.

The focal point of the backyard and the family’s spot for relaxation is the fire pit and grilling area. Travis grins and acknowledges this is where he likes to “just Hang Out.”

Privacy petition walls have been created using brightly painted lattice walls decorated with lights and metal art. From the patio built of stepping stones family and friends can relax and watch the fire while grilling and enjoy the beauty of the perrienal  garden located between the fire pit and the lattice walls.

Troy’s fire pit started out as a deep hole he dug and then built walls from the bricks.  Not satisfied with the first pit, he redesigned it and decided to add a grill to one end of the pit so the family could enjoy grilling while they watched the fire. Once they were satisfied with the fire pit, bricks were filled in to form the walls. The floor surrounding the pit are made from  lava rock and stepping stones.

Across the lawn from the fire pit, tall trees backed by lattice and fence panels create privacy and shade for the backyard gardens. Depth is added to this wide bed by the addition of a colored bottle tree, a bird cage and a bird bath, a purple door and decorative art on the fence panels. Height is given to ferns by chairs and a piano bench on which they are placed. The garden showcases ferns, hostas, iris and a tiger lily along with many other perrienals.

Rita Rose and her family have worked to make a wonderful home even better.  A peaceful feeling of relaxation and happiness is felt as you look at their creations and beautiful gardens.

Rose home back yard

The back of the Rose home is a labor of love with gardens formed from bricks used in the construction of their home many years ago. In the photo insert Travis is watering the hosta garden along side the house.