Planning commission nears completion of land use regs

(Filed 7-17-2013) Calvert City- It has taken years for its completion but finally Monday night the Calvert City Planning Commission finished its re-vision to it schedule of land use for land inside the city limits. The document which the commission will re-view a final time at its next meeting defines what types of businesses and residences can be located at any particular site inside the city.

According to City Attorney Greg Northcutt the work on the document began in 2008 when the members sitting on the commission at that time wanted to clean-up the language in the document because it did not fit Calvert City after the changes were presented the commission decided to re-write the entire document. Northcutt explained the basis of the document was the land use plan for the City of Henderson, Kentucky which was adopted with changes for use in Calvert City in the early 1990s. The problems resulted generally because Calvert City was different from Henderson and what worked in Henderson did not work in Calvert City.

The new plan reduces the number of zoned areas. The change that will affect businesses the most is the change from three business zones to just two. The categories of businesses have also been broadened so there are fewer categories.

One key area remains to be discussed and that is a size restriction on buildings that could be built along 5th Avenue. The initial draft of the regulation would limit buildings to just 5,000 square feet in size. But further discussion about the need for some businesses to have larger buildings caused the commission to discuss boosting that size limit to 10,000 square feet or more. Then they decided to discuss the size limitation in their next meeting.

Bobbie Bryant who is one of two specialists from the Kentucky League of Cities contracted by the City to update Calvert City’s long term plan visited the commission meeting to describe the work they intended to do for the development of the new plan. She explained they had already gathered demographic data and they were in the process of doing face-to-face interviews with people in Calvert City. She invited everyone on board to meet with her at 8 a.m. the next morning.

Bryant told the commission they expected the completion of the work on the new plan would take until March of 2014.