US 60 bridge on Tn river

This view of the new Hwy. 60 bridge shows it before it was completed just a few weeks ago. Two lanes of the bridge are now open for use.

New Highway 60 bridge over Tennessee River is open for motorist

(Filed July 30, 2013) Reidland- Motorist got the green light to begin using the new bridge on Hwy. 60 over the Tennessee River Monday night. The bridge is open to two-lane traffic now and will be completed sometime this fall and all four lanes of the bridge will be open to traffic.

One of the most popular questions in Livingston County now is have you been over the new bridge yet. Having the bridge open as soon as possible and getting rid of restrictions on heavier vehicles has been a key concern for businesses and residents of Livingston County for months.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet made the decision to open the bridge with little fan fare but it was an instant attraction to motorist that have been forced to use the aging Ledbetter Bridge under restricted conditions.

Crews have established message boards and signage to alert motorists of the bridge opening. In addition to the opening of the new bridge a new traffic signal went into operation at the same time to allow cross traffic from east bound vehicles coming out of Paducah’s Southside.

The old Ledbetter Bridge was scheduled to remain open to traffic until around 6 to 7 a.m. this morning.  State police and transportation crews will continue to monitor traffic on the Ledbetter Bridge until it officially closes.