Suspects arrested in check forging opertion

Calvert City- According to Calvert City Police Chief David Elliott Paducah Police have made arrests and uncovered a check forging operation located in a local Paducah motel room. Chief Elliott says the man who attempted to pass a $5,546 forged check at CFSB’s Calvert Banking Center on December 18, 2013, Calvin Lee Johnson and Timothy Wharton who allegedly attempted to cash a forged check on another Calvert City business at CFSB in Benton have been arrested.

Chief Elliott said Paducah Police Detective Matt Smith told him that Wharton provided information on the check forging operation. He said he was paid $200 to cash the forged check on WastePath at the Benton Bank. Elliott also said Wharton provided Paducah Police with information about the check forging operation and that Paducah Police located the operation in the motel room and seized a computer, printer and paper used to manufacture the bogus checks. Paducah Police also made additional arrest in the case when they raided the motel room.

It is alleged that both Calvin Lee Johnson and Timothy Wharton were paid by the check forgers to pass the fraudulent checks on local businesses. Johnson was able to get a forged check on Calvert City Elementary School for $4,746 cashed at CFSB’s Paducah location.
When Johnson attempted to pass the bad check at CFSB’s Calvert City office alert personnel called the school to verify the whether or not it had been issued to Johnson, who had provided a state issued identification card. Johnson was also photographed by the bank’s high resolution security cameras which allowed police to make a positive identification.

Johnson left the bank on foot but apparently had a vehicle parked nearby and out of sight of surveillance cameras. He was able to make his escape. Wharton was not so lucky. When Paducah Police found him they were able to get the information they needed to locate the check forging operation and make additional arrests in the case.

An attempt to contact Paducah Police Detective Matt Smith was made but he had not returned the telephone call by press time Monday morning.