wounded bald eagle

The wounded Bald Eagle in the photo above was located and captured today by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers just off Brown's Campground Road in West Gilbertville near the Tennessee River. The bird was taked to a rehab facility. The bird condition is unknown at this time. The bird had a gun shot wound to one of its wings.

Wounded bald eagle recovered

(Filed January 9, 2013) Calvert City Police Department was called today to assist Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department to investigate reports of a possible injured Bald Eagle. When the injured bird was located Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers managed to capture and transport the large bird which had suffered a gunshot wound.

The eagle was located in a wooded area off of Brown’s Campground Road just outside Calvert City in West Gilbertsville near the Tennessee River. When officers arrived they located the eagle on the ground in a wooded area. It appeared the eagle had been shot in one of its wings. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers captured the injured bird and transported it to a rehab facility for treatment. The incident is under further investigation by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Even though the bald eagle was delisted under the Endangered Species Act, it continues to be protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. This law, originally passed in 1940, provides for the protection of the bald eagle and the golden eagle by prohibiting the take, possession, sale, purchase, barter, offer to sell, purchase or barter, transport, export or import, of any bald or golden eagle, alive or dead, including any part, nest, or egg, unless allowed by permit "Take" includes pursue, shoot, shoot at, poison, wound, kill, capture, trap, collect, molest or disturb.

The 1972 amendments increased civil penalties for violating provisions of the Act to a maximum fine of $5,000 or one year imprisonment with $10,000 or not more than two years in prison for a second conviction. Felony convictions carry a maximum fine of $250,000 or two years of imprisonment. The fine doubles for an organization. Rewards are provided for information leading to arrest and conviction for violation of the Act.