Emergency workers stabilize a vehicle on the 5th Street overpass over Purchase Parkway. They had to cut away the roof of the vehicle to get the driver out.

Driver freed from vehicle

(Filed January 30, 2013) Benton- A single car crash on the 5th Street overpass of the Purchase Parkway shortly afternoon today scrambled emergency and law enforcement personnel to the scene. A sports utility vehicle apparently left the roadway ran onto the median, then back off the median and rolled onto its side in the east bound lane of Symsonia Hwy.

Benton firemen used the Jaws of Life to cut away the roof of the vehicle and freed the driver from the wreckage of the vehicle. The driver was then removed from the vehicle on a stretcher and received treatment at the scene by Marshall County Ambulance Service personnel.

The noon time crash closed the roadway to traffic and vehicles lined the road which is one of the primary arteries to the 5th Street shopping area.

The condition of the driver and whether or not their were passengers in the vehicle is not know at this time.


Emergency workers administered treatment to the driver of a vehicle that rolled in the media of 5th Street in Benton today.