bald eagle lives

The right wing of the Bald Eagle shown above was amputated to save its life. The veterinarian who treated the bird says it was not shot but instead had a blunt force trauma wound. It is now believed the bird may have flown into a nearby high voltage electric powerline.

Amputation saves Bald Eagle

(Filed January 10, 2013) A veterinarian who treated a critically injured Bald Eagle found just outside Calvert City yesterday says the bird was not shot but instead suffered a blunt trauma wound. Lee Cope the Kentucky State Conservation Officer for Marshall County who rescued the bird said today that now they believe it flew into a nearby electric transmission line.

Cope explained the bird was transported to a local raptor rehabilitation facility operated by a private individual to get immediate medical attention, later it was treated by a veterinarian who amputated its right wing. The amputation was necessary because the severity of the injury stopped the flow of blood to most of the wing.

Cope said the bird will survive and has been transported to the Broadbent Raptor Rehabilitation facility in Meade County. He said the bird would remain in captivity for the remainder of its life and most likely will live in a facility use for public education about raptors.

To avoid injury to himself or further injury to the bird Cope called Calvert City Police for assistance. He explained that his father had been in charge of the original eagle hacking program at the Land Between the Lakes and was injured when an immature Bald Eagle grabbed his fore arm with its talons. The bird’s grip on his father’s fore arm increased with so much intensity its talon went completely through his arm between the two bones in his fore arm.

The injured eagle was a mature adult bird of breeding age according to Cope. However he did not know whether it was a male or female bird.

There are three Bald Eagle nests in Marshall County according to Cope and one of them is located just a short distance from where the bird was found.