Stolen items recovered in Marshall and Livingston Counties

(Filed February 15, 2013) PADUCAH, KY- A theft investigation of equipment and supplies from the McCracken County Road Department have led thus far to the arrest of three persons on various theft and drug trafficking charges. Some of the items missing from the road department have been located in Marshall and Livingston Counties.

The McCracken County Sheriff's Department was notified on Monday, February 11, 2013 by the McCracken County Judge Executives Office that various pieces of equipment and supplies were missing from the McCracken County Road Department located on Coleman Road.

Detectives in an interview with Mr. Randall Hobbs, 45, on February 12, 2013, learned that he had in fact been stealing items from the road department. Detectives also learned that most of the items being taken were being exchanged for prescription pain killers from a Paducah woman identified as being 69 year old Barbara A. York of Lorine Lane in Paducah.

Sheriff's detectives went to the Lorine Lane residence at about 10:50AM in an attempt to search her residence for the stolen county property, as well as any drugs. As detectives arrived at the residence, they observed 53 year old David W. Rutherford of Lovelaceville Florence Station Road East leaving the residence. He was stopped by sheriff's detectives and found to be in possession of Lortab that he had just purchased from Barbara York at her residence. Rutherford was arrested at that time.

Detectives then interviewed York and conducted an extensive search of her residence. A large quantity of stolen property believed to have been stolen from the county road department was recovered. Items included chain saws, three gas powered generators, various power tools, extension cords, cases of motor oil, cases of bottled water, coffee, cases of toilet paper, chemicals, and many other items. Also found in the home in a safe was a quantity of prescription pain medications, including Oxycontin and Lortab, along with cash (admittedly from the sale of prescription pain meds), and two pistols. One of the pistols was traded to York for pain killers. York admitted to taking possession of many of these stolen items from Hobbs, knowing that they were stolen from the county. Many of the items were traded to her for Lortab and/or other pain medications. York also told investigators that immediately prior to their arrival, that she had sold $80.00 dollars worth of Lortab to Mr. Rutherford.

Detectives learned that additional items stolen from the road department were located at a residence on Briensburg Road in Marshall County and well as a residence in Livingston County in the Ledbetter area. Marshall County Sheriff's deputies and McCracken Sheriff's detectives seized a Stihl brand pole saw, gas generator, and a portable battery charger from the Marshall County home at around 2PM. At around 8PM, Livingston County deputies and McCracken Sheriff's detectives recovered an additional Stihl brand chainsaw from the Livingston County home. Neither of the residents of these two homes in Marshall and Livingston has been charged at this time.

Those arrested thus far in this investigation are as follows:

David W. Rutherford age 53 of Lovelacville Florence Station Road East

Charges: Possession of a 2nd Degree Controlled Substance (Lortab)

Prescription Controlled Substance not in proper container

Randall Hobbs age 45 also of Lovelacville Florence Station Road East

Charges: Theft by Unlawful Taking Over $500 but under $10,000

Barbara A. York age 69 of 936 Lorine Lane Paducah, Ky

Charges: Trafficking in a 1st Degree Controlled Substance (Oxycontin)

Trafficking in a 2nd Degree Controlled Substance (Lortab)

Receiving Stolen Property Over $500 / Both drug charges are Firearm Enhanced