Chlorine gas leak at Westlake Chemicals

(Filed August 22, 2013) At 2:40 this afternoon a chlorine gas leak occurred at Westlake Chemical in Calvert City, Kentucky. According to Human Resource Manager Kent Johnson, there was a release of Chlorine from the plant that lasted approximately 15 -20 minutes.

Johnson said that employees of the plant were evacuated to safe areas as a precaution and that to their knowledge there was no threat outside of the plant area.

He went on to say that they are investigating what caused the release and that the chlorine release has stopped.

Chlorine gas is toxic and is used in manufacturing process at Westlake Chemicals Calvert City plant.

The Lake News will bring you any further information on this incident as we receive it.
Westlake is a manufacturer of petrochemicals, plastics and fabricated products.