Wright remains on ballot as nine candidates seek six council seats

(Filed August 22, 2012) 

CALVERT CITY- Sandra “Sandy” Wright one of four newcomers seeking a seat on the Calvert City Council remains on the ballot for the November General election. Wright had contacted voting officials at Marshall County Courthouse last week after the filing deadline and told them she was withdrawing from the council race. She had until 3 p.m. last Thursday afternoon to with draw her name but after numerous people asked her to stay in the race she decided to continue her campaign.

The contest for the six council seats in Calvert City took on a new dimension when Councilman Robert “Bob” Futrell did not file for re-election. The ballot will include five incumbents that include Dr. Rick Cocke, R. Daryl Smith, Kevin Stokes, Gene Colburn and Tim Hawkins. The four newcomers seeking council seats include Sandra Wright, Lisa Sills, Larry Whitt, and David Wells.

Wright has previously sought a seat on the Calvert City Council and ran as a Republican as did Robert Futrell. Both of them lost their bids in that race. In the following contest Futrell won as a Republican and later lead the move to make the Calvert City Council races non partisan. Now both the mayor race, which doesn’t come up for another two years, and the council seats are non-partisan as are all of the other Fourth Class Cities in Kentucky with the exception of Benton.
Wright said she did not expect the number of candidates for the Calvert City council seats that did file and had not anticipated campaigning against so many other candidates. She said Thursday afternoon that so many people had called her and asked her to stay in the race she had to re-think her decision.
Wright said the recent death of her husband had resulted in many changes in her life and the demands of her real estate business made her reconsider her decision because she felt that with so many candidates in the race she would have to run a much more vigorous campaign.

The other candidates filed last week are unopposed for county offices. They included incumbent school board members David Gillum, Donna Perry and Mike Wyatt. They filed for school board seats in the first district, fourth district and the fifth district respectively. The school board terms are for four years and are staggered so the second and third districts are not up for two more years.